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I-02: Short IFR Flight

Recommended aircraft: slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior) , fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca)

Short IFR Flight - This IFR rating involves a flight from KSNA to KCRQ, using a predescribed route and altitude. The pilot will then request the ILS RWY 24 approach at CRQ, and will receive vectors to the final approach course from ATC.

File 'V23 OCN' for your route, with an enroute altitude of 5000.  This is the published preferred route for slow and fast piston aircraft from SNA to CRQ.  In later ratings, we'll learn more about where to find these routes, but for now, that's the route to fly.

What is V23?

v23.PNGOur filed route reads 'V23 OCN'. V23 is a low altitude airway (a Victor airway, hence the 'V' code) running from the Seal Beach (SLI) VOR to the Oceanside (OCN) VOR. These airways form the backbone of the low altitude enroute structure in the National Airspace System.

V23 runs southeast out of SLI along the 120 radial, all the way to OCN, and then continuing to the southeast.

In the real world, you would be required to have current low-enroute charts to fly IFR. These charts depict the airways, intersections, published holds, minimum enroute altitudes, and other information needed to safely fly IFR. 

You can access an interactive version of the required low-enroute chart (L3/L4) at skyvector.com, or use the reference page below.

Obviously, it's not convenient for all online pilots to obtain these charts, so there are other substitutes including online navigation tools and flight planners.  If you don't have access to charts or a flight planning tool, then avoid filing routes involving airways.  Simply file a VOR-to-VOR route instead, such as 'SLI OCN', or just 'OCN'.

Required Materials
KSNA Facility Chart
KCRQ facility chart
KCRQ ILS RWY 24 approach

Related Materials
ATC Transcript
Transcript: John Wayne to Carlsbad, IFR
ZLA - External Link
Web site containing scrollable, zoomable VFR and IFR charts
ZLA - Instructional Video
KSNA-KCRQ Instructional Video
Introduction to Victor airways, IFR to KCRQ for the ILS RWY 24 approach
ZLA - Practical Test Standards
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list of requirements for all IFR ratings
Practical Test Standards
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ZLA - Reference
IFR Clearance Primer
Simple intro to the common elements of an IFR Clearance
IFR Cruising Altitudes
L-3 low enroute IFR chart
IFR chart depicting victor airways around southern California
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Keith on May 16, 11 13:10
"the marker" refers to the Outer Marker (DEASY), referenced on the vertical profile on the approach plate, and the bird's eye view.

The Outer Marker is one of the components found in a standard Instrument Landing System configuration.

Don (ASO455) on May 16, 11 11:26
From the transcript: John Wayne to Carlsbad, IFR

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, turn right heading 180

N132KT: hdg 180, 2KT

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, 6 from the marker (?) ...
Please help me understand, what marker are we talking about, Sir?

Ron on Oct 20, 09 13:06
Yesterday, I passed this rating with Mr. Keith Smith as my Controller (LA CTR). Even though Keith was swamped with pilots, he took the time to test me (Keith's 'Examiner' voice is a bit different than his 'Controller' voice!). I wish to praise Keith for his excellent demeanor with all us pilots. While Controlling, Keith gave advice and explanations to the other pilots 'on the fly' (pun intended). Keith was most definitely professional, but maintained a friendly tone of voice. Much appreciated!

Thanks Keith...

Ron N43598

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