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I-05: SIDs and STARs

Recommended aircraft: turboprop (Pilatus PC-12, Piper Meridian, King Air) , Big Iron (Commercial airliners) , jet (Cessna Citation, Gulfstream)

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Fly from Burbank (KBUR) to Las Vegas (KLAS) via the following routing:

  • VNY1.DAG.CLARR2 (non RNAV jet)
  • VNY1.DAG.KEPEC3 (RNAV jet)
  • VNY1.DAG.CRESO3 (piston or turboprop)

Read the TEXT of the departure carefully, the controller will expect you to fly it as published.

Note: there are actually two cockpit videos above, one showing the flight being conducted with VOR/DME, the other with FMS. Use the 'next' link above the video to see the 2nd video.

Required Materials
KBUR facility chart
VNY1 Departure
Van Nuys One departure SID for KBUR
VNY1 Departure (page 2)
Van Nuys One departure for KBUR, page 2
CLARR2 arrival
KLAS facility chart

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David on Jan 14, 11 21:53
Keith... I think the issue with the initial altitude is that the VNY8 dep chart provided here is missing the second page which contains the narrative.

Keith on Jun 2, 10 14:01
I've removed the external links to the SID/STAR tutorials since they no longer exist. I'll replace them with our own content when I can.

Adam on May 13, 10 02:57
I made it all the way and took a dirt nap on the runway.

James on Mar 20, 10 09:51
The 'How to fly a SID' and 'How to fly a STAR' links are broken on this page.

Keith on Mar 15, 10 09:43
Randy, congrats on passing the rating. The clearance was to "maintain 5000" (I did provide the initial altitude). It was the final altitude that I left out of the clearance, thinking that there were instructions on the SID to expect your filed flight level 5 minutes after departure.

Reviewing the chart, though, it turns out that such a clause does NOT exist on this particular chart. Nearly all pilot-nav SIDs in the area have such a clause, but Burbank appears to be an exception. Sorry about that! I should've given you an initial altitude, and the final altitude to expect (for lost communications purposes, you would then climb to that final altitude xx mins after departure if unable to raise the departure controller).

Randy on Mar 14, 10 22:59
Just flew this tonight under the watchful eyes of none less than Keith Smith. He had a handful and still found time to let me fly the ckeckride and be evaluated. Only real issue I had was I didn't catch the initial altitude to which Keith replied it was on the departure chart. I had the chart vslid for AIRAC 1002 and only thing I saw was 5000 as the minimum altitude for the VNY to IPIHO leg of the departure. The narrative said "Turn right hdg 210 ASAP after takeoff. Expect vector then transition...". Only mention of altitude for the Dagget Transition besides the MEA was for depsrture on Rwy 15, which was "minimum climb of 340' per nm to 2500' then 360' per nm to 7500' for DAG transition. What did I miss? I passed, but I would still like to know what i could have done better.

Joe F on Jan 21, 10 23:08
Just passed the I5 rateing tonight. I really enjoy the reality of flying online through VATSIM. I just started real world flight lessons, and my CFI says that I am well informed and way ahead of the game. so to speak. Thanx ZLA

Ron on Nov 22, 09 23:02
Brad Podd on LA CTR did a wonderful job of examining me for this rating...i didn't think Brad would be able to rate me because he seemed extremely busy. a few moments after i landing in LAS, Brad closed shop. so, thank you Brad for takin' me on and stayin' online for me! professional and curteous...Bravo to Brad!

by the way, Brad did the right thing and vectored me to 25L at vegas...

Keith on Jun 12, 09 08:10
Agreed, this is not the usual procedure for this rating. The controller should be vectoring to the final approach course.

Will on Jun 5, 09 13:14
When I flew this, CTR controller had me fly the full ILS approach from BLD to 25R. As the full ILS approach isn't required until the next cert, should we clarify?

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