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I-09: Profile STAR

Recommended aircraft: Big Iron (Commercial airliners) , jet (Cessna Citation, Gulfstream)

Note: this rating is optional for PilotEdge users. Piston/turboprop pilots who prefer not to transition to jets can skip this rating.

The pilot will fly from KLAS to KLAX, one the most popular routes in ZLA, using a turbojet powered aircraft, via either MCCRN3.HEC.RIIVR2, or BOACH4.HEC.RIIVR2.  Turbojet aircraft are utilized in this rating specifically because non-turbojets normally receive alternative routing that doesn't include the RIIVR STAR.

The I-5 rating introduced SIDs and STARs. This rating introduces the concept of a 'profile' STAR.  This is STAR containing explicit altitude restrictions. ATC uses the phrase "DESCEND VIA..." to instruct an aircraft to descend to meet all of the published restrictions.  The RIIVR STAR also contains a published speed restriction of 280KIAS at the GRAMM intersection.

Pilots are reminded that they should not leave their previously assigned altitude until specifically instructed to "descend via the RIIVR2 arrival", or given another descent instruction in lieu of the profile descent.

Refer to the related reference material below for detailed information on how to fly this arrival.

Required Materials
BOACH5 dep
BOACH5 dep (page 2)
KLAS facility chart
KLAX Facility Chart
KLAX ILS rwy 25L chart
MCCRN3 dep
MCCRN3 dep part 2
RIIVR2 Arrival

Related Materials
ATC Transcript
Transcript: Las Vegas to Los Angeles IFR
ZLA - Instructional Video
BOACH2 SID Instructional Video
How to fly the BOACH2 SID, focusing on the vertical profile and flyover vs flyby waypoints.
MCCRN3 SID Instructional Video
How to fly the MCCRN3 SID, lateral navigation and radial tracking
RIIVR2 STAR Instructional Video
How to fly the RIIVR2 STAR and ILS RWY 25L approach into LAX
ZLA - Practical Test Standards
IFR Practical Test Standards
list of requirements for all IFR ratings
Practical Test Standards
list of requirements for all ratings
ZLA - Reference
How to fly the RIIVR1 without FMS
Describes the RIIVR1 'profile', and how to use VOR's to fly the arrival into KLAX
IFR Cruising Altitudes
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Keith on Jan 20, 11 12:18
I've added the BOACH SIDs to the list of materials, and updated the textual references from BOACH2 to BOACH4. The video remains BOACH2, though, as I am not in a position to update those in a timely fashion.

I've added a note to the BOACH2 video regarding this.

Thanks for pointing these out.

Jakub on Jan 18, 11 16:39
I'm before the I-9 yet, but I see one inconsistency in the materials. The description for this rating states that one of two potentials SIDs from KLAS is BOACH2 (it is also covered by the instructional video). Yet, there is no link to that SID, and also this SID is not listed on skyvector.com for KLAS (BOACH4 is). Is it essentialy the same SID as BOACH2?

Probably doesn't make much difference - the ATC wouldn't assign a nonexisting SID, but just wanted to make sure.

BTW, the pilotcert program is great!

Randy on Jun 8, 10 15:25
Once again, the dynamics of VATSIM and my insane ability to focus on the rating description conspired to attempt to trip me up. I read through the ATC transcript and had 25L on the brain for my arrival runway. LAX Center must have known because Tyler G, who was fantastic by the way, instructed me to "descend via the RIIVR2, cleared for the ILS 24R Approach. Talk about some scrambling to change NAV1 and get out the 24R Approach Plate. Thank goodness the course heading remained the same. And Keith S. "warned" me in my comments to the I-8. I shoulda listened. But, I passed. Bring on the I-10!!!

Keith on May 17, 10 10:08
Tod, please read the Preface on the RIIVR1 document. It explains the difference between the RIIVR1 and RIIVR2.

Tod on May 17, 10 01:52
Need to update all this material. You say at the top RIIVR2 arrival, yet you list the RIIVR1 as your refrences when the RIIVR1 is no longer used, the RIIVR2 is the current procedure. So this part of the instruction under ZLA - Reference needs to be updated to reflect the RIIVR2 arrival, not the RIIVR1

Keith on Dec 8, 09 17:07
Thanks, David, that's now fixed. The chart naming convention changed on the ZLA site, so the link that should've pointed to the most recent version was still pointing at the previous revision.

David on Dec 8, 09 01:55
The approach plate linked caused me a few problems. The new approach plate, once I pulled it up while flying the rating, helped a bunch. Just sayin' =)
The old plate doesn't pick up from RIIVR.. can't believe I didn't realize I was lookin at the old one earlier >.<

Keith on Apr 1, 09 12:48
You are correct, the arrival ends at RIIVR, which is the IAF for the approach. Since you were not cleared for the approach, though, you should've proceeded direct to the airport and maintained the last assigned altitude (in this case, the last altitude on the STAR).

This was the controller's mistake, however. He should've provided you with your approach clearance prior to reaching the IAF.

Chuck on Mar 27, 09 19:49
I was recently told to "descend via RIIVR2 approach, and expect ILS 25L". So I cross RIIVR at 13,000. At this point aren't I at the end or RIIVR2? What I did was continue to fly the ILS 25L approach. I few miles later I was told to intercept the localizer and report when established, etc. The rest of the flight was uneventful, but should I have asked for guidance when I crossed RIIVR?

Thanks for a GREAT qualification program.

PS: I already passed I-09.

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