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Instructional videos added to site

In an effort to provide a more interactive experience, each rating now has a brief instructional Flash video as part of its reference material, no more than 5 minutes in length.  This material gives tips and pointers as to how to fly each of the ratings.

The I9 video will be released in the next few days, along with videos for the two bonus ratings (I10/11).

Being just 5 minutes in length, the instructional videos are provided in addition to the written material, not as a replacement. Pilots are strongly encouraged to continue to read the detailed reference material for each rating.

Feedback about the videos (private or public) is greatly encouraged.

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Keith on Jul 27, 10 11:10
As stated above, they are part of the reference material associated with each rating.

Go to any of the ratings, scroll down to the reference material and look for the "ZLA Instructional Video" section. Click on the link and you should see a new page with an embedded Flash movie.

Bernard on Jul 27, 10 03:10
I keep seeing references to the video, but I see no links to the videos.

In VATSIM forums I see celebration and congratulations ... both well justified I'm sure.
But I see no links to the videos.

I have a technical background.
When stuff like this happens I doubt my sanity. Because the actualities are so simple, and the dysfunction so evident.


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