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I-11 rating updated

The previous version of the I-11 rating utilized an airport which was ultimately closed, relocated, and outfitted with a host of new approaches, none of which provided the training benefit of the old airport.

Moving with the rapier-like agility of an aging tortoise with a limp, our rating designers sprung into action to find a replacement airport for the I-11 operations.  In what we can only guess was an homage to speed and efficiency of the FAA, the new I-11 rating was unveiled just 19 short months later.

As always, program participants will have to complete the V1-V3 and I1-I9 ratings prior to having access to the I-10 and I-11, but the overwhelming feedback over the last few years has been that it's worth the wait.

Like all the other ratings, pilots can complete the I-11 on either the VATSIM or PilotEdge networks. Ratings completed on one network will be automatically transferred to the other.

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