Practical Test Standards

Basic Requirements

  • Connect to the network while parked at a ramp, not on a runway or taxiway
  • Communications with ATC will be brief, and will not interrupt the existing flow of communication. Specifically, no transmissions will be made while another pilot/controller is talking, or if a controller has just issued an instruction to another pilot
  • Do not exceed 250kts below 10,000ft MSL
  • Squawk altitude (mode C) while in the air and while moving on the airport surface
  • Comply with ATC instructions in a reasonably timely manner
  • Must have passed all ratings leading up to the rating being attempted


  • Pilot will call for taxi prior to leaving the ramp at a towered airport
  • Pilot will not takeoff from a towered airport without a takeoff clearance
  • Pilot will not land at a towered airport without a landing clearance

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