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V-02: VFR Flight, Somewhere Beyond the C

Recommended aircraft: fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca) , slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior)

Now that you've finished your traffic pattern practice, it's time to go somewhere! This second flight is an intermediate VFR rating. It covers traffic pattern departures and entries, along with a request for basic radar service enroute, 'flight following'. Fly from John Wayne (KSNA) to Ontario International (KONT) at an appropriate VFR altitude for the direction of flight.


KSNA is depicted on the botton left side of the chart, KONT is on the top right. Note, the chart graphic isn't particularly clear due to filesize constraints. A better graphic can be obtained in real time through Skyvector (see External Links below. One way to get to the destination would be to head towards the Paradise VOR (112.20), keeping the rising terrain off to the right side.

As you pass the hill off your right side, approximately 14 miles prior to Paradise VOR, turn to the north (heading 360). This should take you over Chino airport, and set you up for a downwind or base entry for Ontario. Enter the pattern as instructed by ATC, most likely a left downwind entry for rwy 26L or 26R.

Required Materials
KSNA Facility Chart
KONT Facility Chart

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Brian on Sep 12, 13 10:36
Flew to V2 exam on Sept 6th and unexpectedly disconnected (problem at the house) immediately upon landing at KNOT (prior to clearing the runway). I'm not sure if this flight was registered in the system or if I need to reattempt. I do see the record of the flight on vatsim.net stats. Thank you.

Thomas on Apr 28, 13 22:47
I took my V2 test over 48 hours ok and it is still not up on roster. I also took my V1 test 72 hours ago, it is still not up. I took my V3 Test 36 hours ago, still not up. Please Help! Thanks

Ron on Oct 20, 09 12:53
Outstanding service from Mr. Ed Callan? uh, yeah. Here's the guy you wanna be tuned in to when you first begin your ZLA Ratings...
Ed broke me in on my V-01 and V-02. I told Ed upfront that I was real nervous and instantly he reassured me that I'd do fine. I felt like a kid takin' his first driver's exam! Ed's voice is calm and relaxed no matter how many of us are in the air. As Ed was examining me, he complimented me and gave me pointers for future flights...all the while controlling other pilots. Thanks for holdin' my hand Ed and granting me my first two ratings with ZLA!

ron N43598

Keith on Apr 1, 09 12:54
You can do this flight as long as someone is covering the ROLE of SNA_TWR and ONT_TWR. SNA_APP and ONT_APP would do the trick, as would LAX_APP, or LAX_CTR.

Phil on Mar 28, 09 15:20
Do I need to wait until SNA and ONT TWR are online for this? Are there other ATC who cover these areas? Would I talk to LAX CTR as if they were towers?

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