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V-03: Advanced VFR

Recommended aircraft: slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior) , fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca)

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Advanced Enroute - This advanced rating involves transitions of complex airspace, and knowledge of published VFR routes around LAX.


The pilot will depart KSNA, and fly at least two of the published LAX Bravo transitions, choosing between:

  • the 'Coastal Route'
  • the 'Mini Route'
  • Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)
  • the 'Hollywood Park Route' (not included in reference material, can be viewed on Los Angeles TAC chart on Skyvector.com)
  • the 'Coliseum Route' (as above)
and then ultimately land at Torrance (KTOA). The pilot is not permitted to land at any airports prior to landing at Torrance. The supplied transcript gives an example of the Coastal and Mini-Route. Pilots flying the SFRA should be mindful of the fact that it is flown without communicating with ATC, instead relying on position announcements on the published advisory frequency. Printing the published transitions from the ZLA - Reference section, or having them open in another window is highly recommended.

Required Materials
KSNA Facility Chart
KLAX Facility Chart

Related Materials
ATC Transcript
Transcript: VFR flight in Bravo Airspace
ZLA - External Link
Airport Traffic Patterns (Wikipedia)
Web site containing scrollable, zoomable VFR and IFR charts
ZLA - Instructional Video
KSNA-KLAX Instructional Video
Brief overview of the LAX Bravo airspace and how to fly the Coastal Route
ZLA - Practical Test Standards
Practical Test Standards
list of requirements for all ratings
VFR Practical Test Standards
list of requirements for all VFR ratings
ZLA - Reference
Flying the Coastal route
Flying the LAX mini-route on VATSIM
Flying the Special Flight Rules Area
How to Fly a Traffic Pattern
VFR Cruising Altitudes
VFR flight following
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Matej on Nov 20, 14 22:46
Justin Shannon provided superb ATC and was also very patient and helpful.
Great Experience!

Ron on Oct 20, 09 12:38
V-03 rating...I knew this would be the most challenging of the V ratings, so, I was really nervous when I found Dominic online. And, as usual, Dominic had his hands completely full. Regardless, Dominic accepted my request for the rating attempt. I dunno where Dominic gets his patience, but he was outstanding. Not only was Dominic dealing with me, it seemed that more than a few of the other pilots required more assistance from ATC than usual! Regardless, Dominic came through and granted me the V-03 rating!

Thank you Dominic....

ron n43598

Moe on Mar 14, 09 21:12
oops nevermind, thats a *left* downwind for 25R not a right. Sorry, got confused.

Moe on Mar 13, 09 18:08
In the transcript once we're done and given the go to enter left downwind for 25R at LAX, what's the best way to do that? Since you're already low by now you don't wanna exactly pass near the ends of the runways so would you like make a u-turn and bisect over the airport then turn left to enter the downwind?

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