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Reference Material

This page serves as a centralized list of articles that are used through the Ratings pages.

Reference Material
Flying full approaches: The John Wayne ILS RWY 19R
Provides an overview how to fly full approaches, using the KSNA ILS RWY19R as an example. Covers the procedure from the SLI and POM feeder routes.
Flying non-precision circling approaches with course reversal
Details how to fly a non-precision circling approach with procedure turn course reversal, and how it differs from precision approaches
Flying the Coastal route
Flying the LAX mini-route on VATSIM
Flying the LOC RWY 27 into KSAN
How to fly the most commonly used non-precision approach at KSAN
Flying the Special Flight Rules Area
How to Fly a Traffic Pattern
How to fly the RIIVR1 without FMS
Describes the RIIVR1 'profile', and how to use VOR's to fly the arrival into KLAX
IFR Clearance Primer
Simple intro to the common elements of an IFR Clearance
IFR Cruising Altitudes
IFR non-towered operations
one in, one out, release times and void times
L-3 low enroute IFR chart
IFR chart depicting victor airways around southern California
Most common pilot deviations by ZLA pilots
List of the most common issues pilots encounter when flying in ZLA
Tower Enroute Control (TEC)
Overview of the TEC system
VFR Cruising Altitudes
VFR flight following

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