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These are the 10 pilots who have most recently completed a rating. If you recently took a test and don't see the result reflected here within a reasonable period of time (48 hours), use the Comment page to submit an inquiry and we will look into it.

This list contains 10 pilots.

PilotRatingLast Rating
Cameron PalmerV3Jul 21, 2016
Cosimo ShahenshahI4Jul 28, 2016
Harry LiV3Jul 21, 2016
Jack BartonI3Oct 01, 2016
James TurnerV2Jun 04, 2016
Jim HurstV2Apr 25, 2016
Matthew RardonV3Jun 05, 2016
Max AdlerV1Apr 09, 2016
Scott McKillopI3Aug 22, 2016
Scott MeyerI10Jun 23, 2016

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